234 trucks carrying relief aid cross into Gaza

234 trucks carrying relief aid cross into Gaza

Convoys comprising 234 trucks loaded with food, medical supplies, and humanitarian aid reached Gaza through the Rafah Border crossing Thursday, according to Egyptian media. 

Data from the Rafah Crossing movement detailed one grouping of 48 trucks included three carrying fuel, three carrying gas, and three carrying diesel entered the strip. These followed 42 trucks carrying essential supplies such as food, medical supplies, flour, tents, blankets, mattresses, and clothing, which had already made their way into Gaza. Separately, 186 trucks, primarily loaded with aid, entered Gaza through Egypt’s Karam Abu Salem crossing. 

Meanwhile border crossing authorities facilitated the transit of 38 wounded individuals, 79 accompanying persons, and 388 passengers, including 100 Egyptians and 10 foreigners, from Gaza into Egypt.

Egyptian media also reported that three planes carrying aid destined for Gaza landed at Egypt’s Al-Arish Airport Thursday. These included two planes from Belgium carrying a total of 60 tons of relief materials, and a plane from Qatar loaded with 26 tons of food and flour.

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