African Lion 2024: US Military completes major tunnel warfare exercise in Morocco

African Lion 2024: US Military completes major tunnel warfare exercise in Morocco

The US military has successfully concluded a tunnel warfare exercise in Tifnit, Morocco, at the conclusion of African Lion 2024, according to regional media. The US Army Southern European Task Force, Africa led this high-profile military training event- the largest in Africa- which ran from April 19 to May 31. It involved over 8,100 troops from 27 nations, including several NATO members. 

The final training module focused on tunnel warfare, utilizing underground tunnels and cavities for military operations. This strategy can be used offensively and defensively to undermine enemy fortifications, launch surprise attacks, conduct ambushes, and facilitate covert troop movement. Tunnels also provide protection from enemy attacks.

African Lion 2024 featured various challenging scenarios to enhance the operational readiness of participating forces, including subterranean warfare, building clearing, fast-rope insertion, rappelling, and hostage rescue missions.

Advanced technology was used throughout the exercises, like the Micro Tactical Ground Robot, which negotiated underground tunnels. The African Lion exercise is intended to enhance international military cooperation and ensuring strategic readiness of the combined, joint forces.

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