Algeria ‘breaks ground’ on first part of 2 GW solar project

Algeria ‘breaks ground’ on first part of 2 GW solar project

According to Algeria's Ministry of Energy and Mining the first part of the 2-GW solar program was initiated; the project aimed at facilitating the energy transition in the North African country took place earlier this week, in the municipality of Tindela, 

The solar farm, spanning an estimated 400 hectares (988.4 acres) in the Algerian Sahara, is slated for completion within 14 months.

According to reporting by Renewables Now this initiative is part of a larger plan encompassing 15 solar farm projects, with capacities ranging from 80 MW to 220 MW, set to be developed in 12 provinces across Algeria. The contracts, covering design, engineering, assembly, testing, and commissioning of these solar projects, were signed earlier in March, following a competitive tender process.

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