Algeria sets sail on closer ties to Russia

Algeria sets sail on closer ties to Russia
The frigate 'Admiral Grigorovich'. © Russian Defence Ministry/Sputnik

Russia and Algeria have embarked on a week-long series of joint naval exercises in the western part of the Mediterranean Sea.  The Russian frigate ‘Admiral Grigorovich’ playing a pivotal role.

These exercises are seen as part of an ongoing military cooperation between the two nations, aimed at bolstering interoperability and deepening strategic ties between their navies. 

The arrival of the ‘Admiral Grigorovich’ in the Mediterranean for these drills underlines Russia’s commitment to its naval presence and its relationship with Algeria.

The drills are likely to encompass a series of tactical training sessions, and possibly the simulation of combat scenarios. These exercises are a common practice for militaries seeking to build alliances, showcase their maritime strength, and enhance their operational capabilities.

The joint naval exercises between Russia and Algeria in the Mediterranean Sea have implications for regional security. They demonstrate Russia’s resolve to maintain a robust naval presence in the region and Algeria’s willingness to foster deeper ties with Russia. By doing so, both countries are sending a clear message about their shared strategic interests and the strength of their military alliance.

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