Algerian Media Outlets Accused of impropriety During Ramadan

Algerian Media Outlets Accused of impropriety During Ramadan

Algerian television executives have reportedly been criticized for content deemed inappropriate during the holy month of Ramadan. 

According to the AP, Algerian Communications Minister Mohamed Lagab met with the heads of Algeria’s leading television channels on Sunday to chastise them for airing content that he called “out of keeping with the social traditions of our society and especially the sacredness of the month of Ramadan.”

Much of the criticism was reportedly directed at soap operas.  According to AP, the director of “El Barani”, a popular series, was called in by the Ministry after viewers complained about content featuring characters consuming alcohol – something which is forbidden during Ramadan. 

Broadcasters have also been accused of excessive advertising during the holy month. Experts say the criticism isn’t likely to lead to harsh penalties.

“Most of these channels are politically aligned with the government and zealously support it,” Kamal Ibri, a journalist told AP. 

The scrutiny of Algerian media comes as broadcasters reportedly prepare for new regulations regarding advertising. 

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