Algerians top the list of Africans rejected for travel visas to Europe

Algerians top the list of Africans rejected for travel visas to Europe
Photo: courtesy of Shutterstock. 

A new report by migration consultancy firm Henley & Partners finds Algerians are disproportionately rejected when applying for travel visas to Europe’s Schengen area. 

More than 392,000 Algerian applicants were rejected in 2022 representing a 45.8% rejection rate – the highest among African applicants, according to the report. 

Overall, Africans face higher hurdles when applying for European visas. The rejection rates are 10% higher on the continent than the global average. 

Candidates often struggle to make appointments, have to show a minimum balance in their bank accounts and prove they plan on returning home after their visit. 

The author of the report says this puts a squeeze on trade, business and educational opportunities hindering African economies.

She said Algeria suffers from the highest rejection rate because it submits far more applicants than other countries do. Its historical, geographical and cultural ties to France makes the European country a popular destination for young people looking to advance their economic prospects. 

Algeria’s president is scheduled to visit France this year. The report encourages him to address what it calls discriminatory visa policy. 

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