Egypt mulls a 2036 Olympic bid

Egypt mulls a 2036 Olympic bid

Egypt will send its largest-ever delegation to the Paris Olympics, aiming to surpass its record medal haul from three years ago and strengthen its bid to host the 2036 Summer Games. While the government will make the final decision on bidding, an Egyptian Olympic Committee (EOC) official told Reuters that hosting the Olympics in Africa is a real possibility.

"The state-of-the-art sports infrastructure Egypt has built in recent years has encouraged the country to consider organizing the games," said Mohamed Abdel Aziz Ghoneim, EOC Treasurer. 

"IOC President Thomas Bach mentioned that Egypt is ready to host the Olympic Games, having completed 60% of the necessary preparations, including facilities and roads. The remaining tasks involve budget and financial matters."

Egypt, the Arab world's most populous country, has invested billions in modernizing sports facilities, including the Egypt International Olympic City in the new administrative capital, which features a 93,900-capacity national stadium and 21 other sports facilities.

Ghoneim expressed high hopes for Egypt’s 24th Summer Olympics in Paris. In Tokyo, 132 Egyptian athletes won six medals. For Paris, 142 athletes in 21 sports have already qualified, with the number expected to reach around 150.

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