Egyptian soldiers reportedly suffering from low morale amid war in Gaza.

Egyptian soldiers reportedly suffering from low morale amid war in Gaza.
Photo credit: Shutterstock

According to a report in Middle East Eye, some Egyptian soldiers stationed in North Sinai resent not being able to do more for Gazans under siege.  

“It is painful to know that you can help, but you are shackled and cannot help rescue your people from being slaughtered,” one told Middle East Eye.

The health ministry in Gaza says more than 37,000 Palestinians have been killed in the war that started in October in retaliations for Hamas’ attack on Israel. 

Morale for many reportedly dipped to a new low following the deaths of two Egyptian soldiers who clashed with Israeli soldiers earlier this month. The lack of a high-level recognition for their deaths rankled many. 

“If the government continues to be apathetic, the soldiers will not be able to restrain themselves from firing at the enemy,” one soldier told Middle East Eye. 

Other soldiers were more circumspect when facing one of the world’s most powerful militaries. 

“There are many ways to aid Palestinians, but the Egyptian military going to war is not the answer,” said one. 

Egypt signed a peace agreement with Israel in 1979. Since the conflict erupted in October, its response has been largely non-confrontational. 

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