EU to end its military training mission in Mali

EU to end its military training mission in Mali

The European Union has decided to end its military training mission in Mali, according to a statement from the bloc’s diplomatic service cited by Reuters. The move reflects worsening relations between the bloc and the West African country's military junta. The mission’s objective was to train Malian military as well as members of a multinational counter-terrorism force, the G5 Sahel. 

The termination comes a few years after the EU suspended the mission in 2022 in response to the ruling military junta withdrawal from the G5 Sahel.

After a strategic review and consultations with Malian authorities, the EU opted not to extend the mission beyond its current mandate, which expires on May 18. 

Mali has been ruled by a military junta since a coup August 2020- the first of eight coups which convulsed West and Central Africa over four years, including Mali’s neighbors Niger and Burkina Faso.

Mali’s current regime seized power 2021, promising to restore civilian rule within 24 months. However last September the junta said it was postponing elections set for February this year, prompting protests from political opposition groups.

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