European Commission Accused of “Bankrolling” Tunisia’s President

European Commission Accused of “Bankrolling” Tunisia’s President

Senior members of the European Parliament have reportedly accused European Commission executives of neglecting alleged corruption in Tunisia. They assert that the EU funds allocated to Tunisia last year to address migration issues have allegedly ended up in the possession of President Kais Saied.

As reported by The Guardian, Danish MEP Karen Melchior expressed frustration, stating that concerns regarding the Tunisia deal were consistently disregarded, with commissioners refusing to address their inquiries or take their apprehensions seriously.

Furthermore, some MEPs highlighted an "authoritarian shift" in Tunisia, yet the commissioners proceeded with the deal regardless. 

In response, a spokesperson for the EU Commission emphasized the importance of fostering partnerships to enhance democracy and human rights rather than severing ties and exacerbating the situation.

French MEP Mounir Satouri, a member of the parliamentary foreign affairs committee, voiced concern, stating, "It seems that we are financing dictators across the region, and that is not the Europe that we want to see."

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