Gazans in Egypt largely left to fend for self

Gazans in Egypt largely left to fend for self
Photo: Charity organization distributes food to displaced Palestinians in Gaza / Source: Shutterstock

Gazans who manage to pay the high fees needed to cross into Egypt are largely left on their own when it comes to finding food, clothing and shelters, according to The Guardian.

Egyptian officials say more than 83,000 people have left Gaza. Most have moved on to other countries but activists say thousands likely remain in Egypt despite a lack of coordinated assistance for the refugees. 

In contrast to neighboring nations, no UN agency has assumed responsibility for Palestinians who have sought refuge in Egypt. Historically, UNRWA has been responsible for supporting Palestinians but it reportedly does not have a mandate to work in Egypt. The Egyptian government doesn’t want to grant them asylum for fear it could destroy their right to return. 

All of this leaves the Palestinians in Egypt left to fend for themselves. Many have reportedly come to rely on a network of grassroots volunteers connected via WhatsApp and social media. 

“People are coming here with nothing,” one volunteer named Amira told The Guardian. “They are starved and hungry.”

“In some cases, people are literally begging us to help them feed their children,” another activist, named Raya, who moved from the UK told the Guardian. 

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