Hamas says it is ready for a “complete agreement” if Israel stops war

Hamas says it is ready for a “complete agreement” if Israel stops war

Hamas said it told mediators it would not take part in further negotiations while hostilities continue but was ready for a “complete agreement” including an exchange of prisoners and hostages if Israel stopped the war, according to a statement from the Islamist group reported by Reuters.

Mediators, including Egypt and Qatar have repeatedly tried to arrange a ceasefire between the combatants, but talks have repeatedly stalled with each side blaming the other for the impasse. 

Thursday’s statement came against the backdrop of Israel’s continued assault on the southern Gaza city of Rafah, in defiance of an order from the top U.N. court- the International Court of Justice- to halt its offensive.

"Hamas and the Palestinian factions will not accept to be part of this policy by continuing [ceasefire] negotiations in light of the aggression, siege, starvation and genocide of our people", the Hamas statement read.

Israel has rejected past Hamas offers as insufficient and said it is determined to eradicate the group.

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