Is Algeria preparing for war to help postpone Presidential elections?

Is Algeria preparing for war to help postpone Presidential elections?
Algerian President and Army Chief of Staff inspect the Algerian People's National Armed Forces

In an exclusive article published by the French media outlet Maghreb Intelligence, it points to well-informed sources in Algiers, stating that the Algerian People’s National Forces (the ANP) general staff as well as the Algerian presidency have “asked all security services and strategic combat units of the ANP to prepare for intensive training following the action plan for a probable and possible war against Morocco”.  

It comes in an election year for President Tebboune and a critical point for the Chief of Staff for the Algerian military Said Chengriha who are both looking to exert control over the electoral deadlines.  Maghreb Intelligence goes on to state that the Tebboune-Chengriha duo’s political survival is at stake but more importantly the very survival of the Algerian state: “the Algerian authorities have launched an exercise to simulate a declaration of war against Morocco, which would have as a direct consequence of the postponement of the presidential elections of December 2024. This war would be, for the current Algerian power, the only escape to avoid yet another institutional crisis that could paralyze the country for a long time”. 

The rivalry between Morocco and Algeria has been intensifying for years. However, there are increasing risks that the political and economic competition between the two North African neighbors will accelerate into new and more challenging directions.

Maghreb Intelligence concludes that: “this war would aim to decree a state of emergency in the country to allow a total takeover of power by General Said Chengriha backed by an automatic extension of the presidential mandate of Abdelmadjid Tebboune, which should theoretically end before the end of December 2024”.

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