Leader of Burkina Faso junta refutes reports of Army mutiny

Leader of Burkina Faso junta refutes reports of Army mutiny

The leader of Burkina Faso’s military government Ibrahim Traore took to national TV Thursday to deny reports of a mutiny by army units in the wake of a jihadist attack that killed more than 100 soldiers close to the border with Niger.

According to Reuters, some national media outlets had been speculating about the fate of Traore after gunfire was heard near the presidential palace and a shell landed close to the headquarters of state-run TV in the capital Ouagadougou.

"It's absolutely not the case. We are here," Traore told people gathered in front of RTB's headquarters, denying mutiny allegations. He said a rocket was launched by accident into RTB’s courtyard, by forces tasked with protecting TV channel staff, while acknowledging that there some injuries but no deaths.

Over the last week planes carrying Russian troops and some Malian forces have arrived to boost Traore’s security after talks between two juntas, Reuters added.

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