Mauritania purchases advanced weapons from China

Mauritania purchases advanced weapons from China
Photo: Harbin BZK-005 drone / Source: Japan Ministry of Defense

Mauritania’s president Mohamed Ould Sheikh al-Ghazouani confirmed this week that his country has purchased advanced weapons from China, according to a report in Military Africa. 

The purchase reportedly includes long-range unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) manufactured by Chinese defense company Norinco. Television reports featuring the weapons said they have an operational radius of 2000 kms, an endurance of 36 hours and the capacity to carry six guided missiles with a 14km range.  

In a press statement, the government called them “highly effective reconnaissance and attack drones capable of covering the entire national territory, including territorial waters, around the clock.” 

Mauritania has been beefing up its military capabilities as it faces numerous security challenges. They include rising tension with neighboring Mali and terrorism by ISIS and other armed groups in the Sahel. The country is also reportedly seeking to counter Russian influence in the region.

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