Media reports: Libyan armed groups clash in Tripoli

Media reports: Libyan armed groups clash in Tripoli

Clashes erupted between Libyan armed groups in Tripoli on Thursday night, causing panic among locals celebrating the end of Ramadan, according to local media reports cited by AFP. The skirmish, lasting about an hour, did not result in any deaths. 

Despite relative calm in Libya in recent years, sporadic clashes persist among various armed factions. Thursday’s skirmish occurred in Tripoli's Abu Salim neighborhood, controlled by the Stability Support Authority (SSA). Media reports said SSA gunmen exchanged fire with members of the Special Deterrence Force (Al-Radaa). Authorities have not revealed the reason behind the confrontation, but local media suggest it started after the SSA detained members of Al-Radaa in retaliation for the detention of one of its own members.

The armed groups, including SSA and Al-Radaa, operate independently and hold a special status granted by the prime minister and presidential council. Previous clashes in Tripoli have prompted calls for the replacement of armed groups with regular forces, a measure expected to be implemented after Ramadan. Libya remains divided between the UN-recognized Tripoli government and a rival administration in the east.

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