Media: Sandstorm hits east Libya, disrupts air traffic

Media: Sandstorm hits east Libya, disrupts air traffic

 A powerful sandstorm blew across eastern Libya on Monday, disrupting air traffic and shutting down airports,public administration and schools in the region, Libyan media reported. Traffic at airports in Benghazi and Tobruk was suspended until further
notice, local media said, showing images of runways buried in sand.
   "All flights to and from the Benina International Airport (in Benghazi)
have been postponed due to poor visibility and poor weather conditions," Saleh
al-Amrouni, the airport's manager, told al-Masar TV channel.
   Authorities in the east announced as early as Sunday that Monday and
Tuesday would be "public holidays" owing "to bad weather conditions", national
press agency Lana News reported.

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