Moroccan computer-generated influencer wins world’s first Miss AI

Moroccan computer-generated influencer wins world’s first Miss AI

Kenza Layli, a Moroccan computer-generated model who champions women’s rights and the environment snagged the top prize in the world’s first Miss AI contest. 

The stylish bot emerged victorious among over 1,500 contestants in the inaugural Fanvue World AI Creator Awards, an event designed to recognize and elevate those working in the AI creator field. 

Her win comes with a $20,000 prize awarded to her human creator – Myriam Bessa from Casablanca. 

“This is an opportunity to represent Morocco with pride,” Bessa, founder of L’Atelier Digital, told The New York Post. “To highlight Moroccan, Arab, African and Muslim women in the field of technology.”

Contestants were evaluated in various categories including beauty, technology and social media presence. The panel of judges consisted of both humans and androids. 

One fake influencer told the Post, “What truly impressed us was her personality and how she addresses real issues in the world.”

At the time of this publication, Layli had around 194,000 followers on Instagram, a number likely to increase since her victory.

One of her competitors, Spain’s first AI model, a pink-haired influencer named Aitana, boasts over 320,000 Instagram followers. She reportedly earns up to $10,000 a month for her creators through sponsorships and other revenue streams.

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