Morocco emerges as new hub for Russian oil transfers and tech imports

Morocco emerges as new hub for Russian oil transfers and tech imports
Source: Shutterstock

Morocco has emerged as crucial base for Russian efforts to maintain oil exports and access to prohibited technology. Regional media, citing reports in in Bloomberg and the New York Times, have laid out how the kingdom facilitates Russian efforts to bypass Western sanctions.

According to Bloomberg, Russian oil traders have moved their ship to ship transfer operations for Russian crude oil from the Greek coast, responding to pressure from the Greek Navy and Coastguard, to the Mediterranean coast of Morocco near the city of Nador. 

In the first such transfer at this location, the Very Large Crude Carrier Rolin received Urals crude from smaller Aframax-class tankers. 

 In December 2023, a New York Times investigation revealed how Morocco has also become a transshipment hub restricted for restricted technology to Russia. One avenue involves the Tangier Med container port where high tech imports are transferred to Russia bound ships, with their final destination obscured.

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