Morocco issues tender for high-speed rail link to Marrakech

Morocco issues tender for high-speed rail link to Marrakech
Photo: Creative Commons/NicholasNCE

Morocco has reportedly initiated a tender for a high-speed rail link as it gears up to co-host the FIFA 2030 World Cup. The tender is part of a $37 billion initiative to enhance connectivity among its cities, ports, and airports via train. 

Tourism is expected to jump substantially in the years leading up to the major sporting event. Officials aim to increase annual visitor numbers by at least one million through 2030, aiming for a total of 26 million visitors compared to 14.5 million in 2023.

The project, led by Morocco's national railway, ONCF, involves constructing a 375-kilometre line from Kenitra to Marrakech, passing through major urban areas like Rabat-Sale and Casablanca.

Divided into seven segments, the project encompasses infrastructure design, station establishment, signaling systems, and a maintenance center in Marrakech. It is tailored for trains traveling at speeds up to 350 kilometers per hour. 

This initiative aligns with Morocco's broader plan to upgrade its rail network, aiming to link 43 cities, generate 300,000 jobs by 2040, and increase rail accessibility to 87% of the population. Interested companies have until June 23 to submit proposals. 

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