Morocco vies to become aircraft manufacturing hub

Morocco vies to become aircraft manufacturing hub
Photo: Unsplash/Kevin Woblick

Moroccan officials are striving to position the country as a pivotal aviation hub, according to the Associated Press. 

With a burgeoning aerospace industry valued at $2 billion annually, Morocco is among several contenders vying for contracts with both Boeing and Airbus who are seeking to ramp up production to meet soaring demand. 

Efforts to bolster the industry align with broader initiatives to modernize Morocco's predominantly agrarian economy by subsidizing the manufacturing of planes, trains, and automobiles. 

This endeavor, coupled with ambitions to expand Moroccan airlines, including the state-owned Royal Air Maroc, reflects a strategic opportunity for growth. 

"The needs are huge and we are in a very good position," said Hamid Abbou, the airline's CEO told the AP. "Most of the big suppliers in Europe are struggling to get people to work in this industry. We don’t have that issue."

Despite challenges faced by the aviation sector globally, Morocco's favorable conditions, including a skilled workforce and supportive government initiatives, position it as an attractive destination for aerospace investment and expansion.

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