Morocco’s bets big on green hydrogen

Morocco’s bets big on green hydrogen
Noor Power Station / Courtesy: Masen

Morocco recently designated a million hectares of land for green hydrogen initiatives, aiming to bolster both domestic and EU efforts toward achieving green energy objectives. 

Green hydrogen, generated through electrolysis with renewable sources like wind and solar power, demands extensive land, water, and renewable energy resources. 

Benefiting from abundant solar and wind potential, Morocco is strategically positioned to cater to the rising demand for this energy alternative. 

It currently boasts one of the globe's largest solar facilities, the Noor Power Station. According to the UN, it produces around 580 megawatts of electricity per year – enough to power the homes of 2.3 million people. 

With its initial phase spanning approximately 300,000 hectares, the country plans to incentivize investors keen on participating in green hydrogen production for both domestic consumption and export purposes. 

The move aligns with Morocco's energy transition agenda. It is targeting to elevate renewable energy's contribution to 52% of its total energy production by 2030, up from the current 38%.

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