Morocco’s DGSN to acquire the “Ghiath Smart Patrol” vehicle

Morocco’s DGSN to acquire the “Ghiath Smart Patrol” vehicle

Morocco’s DGSN fleet will soon welcome a brand-new patrol vehicle equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies in security. This vehicle, known as the “Ghiath Smart Patrol”, is equipped with 360-degree cameras and a drone, and has already been put into operation by the Dubai police, who reserved a first batch of 400 units. It is an imposing SUV, belonging to a new generation of intelligent patrol vehicles, called upon to strengthen the intervention capabilities of the Moroccan police in terms of crime prevention. It has been showcased during the opening ceremony of 68th anniversary of DGSN in Agadir last week and will be tested by Moroccan police on the ground during the next 6 months before placing a purchasing order. 

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