Morocco’s top UN envoy to co facilitate the 2025 world social summit

Morocco’s top UN envoy to co facilitate the 2025 world social summit

The United Nations General Assembly has selected Omar Hilale, Morocco's representative to the UN, to co-lead a vital series of negotiations in preparation for the 2025 World Social Summit. 

Hilale will work alongside the Belgian Ambassador to guide the summit's organizational details and the creation of its key political statement.

This significant summit coincides with the 30th anniversary of the inaugural World Social Summit in Copenhagen, which resulted in the 1995 Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development and Programme of Action. This historic declaration laid out a collective commitment to social development, emphasizing the values of social justice, unity, and equality both within countries and globally.

Moroccan official media has hailed Hilale's selection as a testament to Morocco's global acknowledgment for its commitment to social justice, the advancement of social development, and the respect for human dignity.

The Summit, convened by a UN General Assembly resolution, aims to bridge existing gaps and reassert the international community’s commitment to social development principles outlined in the 1995 Copenhagen Declaration.

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