Outrage erupts over frozen cat corpses found in Moroccan dump

Outrage erupts over frozen cat corpses found in Moroccan dump
Photo Courtesy: Unsplash/Mac Reddin

A sanitation worker in Morocco recently shared video of a grim discovery: frozen cat corpses and animal parts found in a dumpster. The footage, posted on Instagram, sparked outrage and a flurry of questions, according to Morocco World News.

In the video, the worker noted that some of the cats likely had serums attached to their limbs indicating they may have been killed in clinical settings.  

Speculations about the cause of their deaths include illegal animal testing, black magic rituals, and the actions of a deranged individual. 

Commentators emphasized that even if the cats had died in a veterinary clinic, their remains should have been treated with more respect. 

Authorities are reportedly investigating the incident to identify those responsible and determine is any laws were broken. 

Street cats are a common sight in Morocco but many suffer from malnutrition, injury and mistreatment. Animal rights groups advocate for better population control and humane treatment of these animals. 

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