Report: Egypt poised to launch state owned ride hailing app

Report: Egypt poised to launch state owned ride hailing app
Credit: Engadget

Egypt’s government could potentially launch a state-owned ride hailing in the near future, local media report. A series of high-profile attacks on women who have used Uber in the capital, have given impetus to the project. 

Local media report that Egypt’s Ministry of Transport has begun talks with a major investment company about the project and that the app could be launched under a yet to be established firm. The app will prioritize rider safety and include security measures such as internal and external cameras for the vehicles as well as GPS units to relay speed and location. Drivers will undergo a rigorous training and vetting progress and vehicles will be constantly monitored by a central control room.

This would be the second ride hailing app to launched by the Egyptian government or military. In 2019, Dubci Smart Transport made its debut- reported at the time to owned by the Egyptian military. However Dubci foundered as have many other nascent private sector apps.

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