Report: Tunis court orders jail term for exiled ex-leader

Report:  Tunis court orders jail term for exiled ex-leader

A Tunis court on Friday ordered an eight-year jail term for exiled ex-president Moncef Marzouki after he was found guilty of seeking to "provoke disorder" in the North African country, media reports said.
   Marzouki, 78, Tunisia's first democratically elected head of state after
the country's 2011 Arab Spring revolution and now a virulent critic of
President Kais Saied, lives in France and was not present at the hearing.
   Marzouki, who was charged after making several statements on social media,
had already been sentenced to prison in 2021.
   Marzouki was found guilty of "inciting people to arms", "provoking disorder
and looting", said Mosaique FM radio, quoting a judicial source.

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