Spanish police bust gang running night flight 'hash' copters

Spanish police bust gang running night flight 'hash' copters

A joint Spanish Moroccan police operation has intercepted a series of night-time helicopter flights bringing hashish from Morocco. Police seized two helicopters and nearly 800 kilograms (1,760 pounds) of hashish, arresting nine people, two of whom were "pilots with expertise in flying at night", the Guardia Civil police said.
   They said investigators spotted a helicopter taking off from a ranch near
the southern port city of Cadiz in the early hours of January 15 and then
flying at low altitude, without lights, towards Morocco. 
   Moroccan police identified the helicopter entering the country's national
airspace, landing for "a few minutes" and then flying back.
   The chopper was intercepted by Spanish police after landing at the ranch in
Chiclana de la Frontera, just south of Cadiz.
   On board, they found 30 bundles containing 795 kilograms of hashish and
arrested five people, also seizing three vehicles at the ranch.
   During the raid, one gang leader died in a car crash close to the site.

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