Spain’s PM reportedly set to announce recognition of state of Palestine

Spain’s PM reportedly set to announce recognition of state of Palestine
Photo: Unsplash/Ahmed Abu Hameeda

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez recently engaged in phone conversations with leaders from Jordan, Egypt, and the West Bank. According to El Pais, analysts believe this signals an announcement on Spain’s recognition of the state of Palestine is imminent. 

Spain strongly supported full U.N. membership for Palestine during a debate among security council members at the U.N. in New York last week. The bid failed because the U.S. vetoed the resolution.

At the time, Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs said a decision on recognizing a Palestinian state was already made but his country has yet to formally announce it. 

Spain’s main opposition party has already expressed support for a Palestinian state but thinks recognition should come at a later date. 

Sanchez doesn’t need approval from Spain’s parliament but he has promised to explain his decision in an attempt to gain as much political support as possible.

Sanchez has been vocal about his belief that a path to peace is best laid if western countries recognize a Palestinian state and Arab nations recognize the state of Israel. 

Around 140 countries already recognize the State of Palestine.

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