Tanger Med port set to exceed its nominal container capacity

Tanger Med port set to exceed its nominal container capacity
Tanger Med Port, Source: Tanger Med Port Authority

Tanger Med port in Morocco expects to surpass its 9 million container capacity this year, the port’s deputy managing director told Reuters. Rachid Houari added that security problems in the Red Sea had little impact. In 2023 the facility held its position as the Mediterranean’s largest port, processing 8.61 million 20-foot equivalent units (TEIs) – the approximate unit of measure of a cargo container- up over 10% from the previous year. 

Tanger Med benefits from its strategic location at the entry point of the Mediterranean, its connection to 180 ports and its partnerships with major shipowners and terminal operators like Hapag Lloyd, Maersk and CMA CGM. 

Containers crossing the Red Sea represented only 25% of the port's traffic, with many vessels still crossing the Suez Canal despite disruptions, Houari said

Industrial zones around the port house around 1,200 companies, with 110,000 workers, which created $15 billion worth of exports last year, around a fifth of Morocco’s total.

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