Tunisia set to launch its first public AI institute

Tunisia set to launch its first public AI institute

Tunisia will launch its first public institute dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) at the University of Tunis in September, according to a report in University World News. Moncef Boukthir, Tunisia’s Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, made the announcement in an online statement in which he stressed emphasized ethical AI use and data protection, and explained that the institute formed part of Tunisia's 2035 vision for a knowledge-based society. The institute aims to promote AI education, and is intended to help deliver on AI's potential to advance the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Tunisia, ranked 81st in the 2023 Artificial Intelligence Readiness Index, and follows Mauritius, Egypt, and South Africa among the top ranked African countries for AI. The institute will help develop the national AI expertise needed to help address societal challenges, according to experts interviewed in the report. The institute's focus will reportedly extend beyond academia, aiming to foster collaboration with industry and international partners to harness AI's transformative potential.

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