Tunisia takes in wounded Palestinians

Tunisia takes in wounded Palestinians
President Kais Saied visits an injured Palestinian, who has been evacuated from the Gaza Strip, in hospital in Tunis. Tunisian Presidency / via Reuters

Twenty-nine patients from Gaza have arrived to receive vital health care in Tunisian hospitals, with another 150 set to join them, according to Tunisian President Kais Saied.

The medical assistance comes amid growing international concern over mounting civilian deaths and injuries in Gaza as the conflict between Israel and Hamas intensifies.

 Mustapha Ferjani, advisor to President Kais Saied told Africa News that those being treated suffered from “complicated cases of shrapnel wounds, burns and broken limbs. We hope that they will be treated and return in the best possible health."

 With the end of the ceasefire, hospitals in southern Gaza are overflowing with dead and wounded bodies.

Doctor Khalil Boukhris, Member of Tunisia's Medical Association, told Africa News that patients arriving in Tunis “have been divided between the public and private sectors in the Tunisian health system and the military hospital. The head of the Assistance and support for them will be provided by doctors and psychologists.”

Many countries across the region have been critical of Israel’s approach in Gaza.  more than 17,000 people have been killed in the besieged Palestinian territory, according to the Gaza-run health ministry, in two months of combat and heavy bombardment.

“Where is humanity in the free world?" Mr Saied said in a video published on the official Tunisian presidency Facebook page. "Where is the humanitarian law that they've established?”

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