Tunisia’s president announces bid for another term

Tunisia’s president announces bid for another term
Photo: Tunisian President Kais Saied, Courtesy of Creative Commons/Houcemmzoughi

Tunisia's President, Kais Saied, declared his candidacy for a second term in this year's presidential election on Saturday. 

Elected democratically in 2019, the former law professor strengthened his authority two years later by dissolving parliament and removing the prime minister, actions critics labeled a "self-coup."

Under his regime, numerous allegations of human rights violations have emerged, particularly concerning the arrest of opposition figures, journalists, and critics. Saied also faces accusations of discrimination against and condoning violence towards sub-Saharan migrants, who often seek passage to Europe through Tunisia.

Saied and his supporters contend that detractors are influenced by foreign interests. In a recent speech, Saied asserted, "Tunisia is engaged in a battle for survival against those who aimed to destabilize the state post-January 14, 2011, by internal sabotage, attacks on public infrastructure, and undermining state institutions, all to harm the homeland."

Opponents of Saied's leadership are placing their hopes on Issam Chebbi, leader of the Republican Party. He is currently in prison on charges of "conspiring against the state." The upcoming election is scheduled for September or October. 

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