U.K. Adventure Travel Company Returns to Tunisia after Long Absence

U.K. Adventure Travel Company Returns to Tunisia after Long Absence
Source: Unsplash/ Attila Janosi

In another sign that Tunisia’s tourism industry is rebounding, UK adventure tour operator Explore announced it will return to the country after a nine-year hiatus.  

“Tunisia is a destination we’ve been asked a lot about in the last couple of years, and the demand is absolutely there," Antony Barton, Explore product manager for Africa, told TTG Media.  

Tunisia was once among Africa’s most visited countries but tourism from the U.K. came to a crashing halt in 2015 after two terrorist attacks killed 60 tourists at the Bardo Museum in Tunis and Port El Kantaoui near the beach of Sousse. Many of the victims were from the U.K. 

Tourism to Tunisia was further hit by the global pandemic. But in 2023, 8.8 million people visited the country, a Tunisian Tourism officer told AFP. The majority came from other African countries.  

The U.K. tour operator is offering several “Best of Tunisia” tours for 2024 and 2025. 

“Visitors will be treated to a winning combination of fascinating sites and history, vast and beautiful landscapes and a warm and welcoming culture and hospitality – all with really excellent local cuisine.” Barton told TTG. 

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