U.S. Plans to Reopen Embassy in Libya to Counter Russia

U.S. Plans to Reopen Embassy in Libya to Counter Russia

The U.S. is seeking to reopen its embassy in Libya in a bid to counter Russia's increasing influence in the region. Russia has strong ties to Khalifa Hafta, leader of the country’s eastern front.

The State Department's recent budget request includes $12.7 million to facilitate the potential resumption of embassy operations in Libya, covering operational expenses and increased use of aircraft stationed in Malta for travel to Tripoli.

“With Russia’s influence rising on NATO’s southern flank, U.S. presence with trips into Libya is vital to preserving our long-term security interests,” the budget request states.

 The push for an increased presence in the region aligns with concerns raised by Marine Corps Gen. Michael Langley, the head of US Africa Command.

 “[A] number of countries are at the tipping point of actually being captured by the Russian Federation as they are spreading some of their false narratives across Libya and from a strategic answer piece, access and influence across the whole Maghreb,” he said. 

 The embassy in Tripoli suspended operations in 2014 due to civil unrest, following the Benghazi attack that claimed the lives of four Americans. 

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