UK-Morocco renewable energy project adds German option

UK-Morocco renewable energy project adds German option

Xlinks Ltd, the British developer of a $20.6 billion renewable energy project in Morocco, is considering transmitting electricity to Germany alongside its initial plan to supply the UK, according to a report in Bloomberg. The project aims to construct a vast solar and wind farm in Morocco with batteries and generate sufficient electricity to power 7 million UK homes.

 The electricity from Morocco would be transmitted via 3,800-kilometer subsea cables along the west coast of Iberia and France, to southwest England.  

Xlinks has added a similar option for Germany, according to planning documents filed with Europe’s transmission system operators. 

This move may encourage UK authorities to provide support for the project which could help the country reach its net-zero commitments.

Xlinks could supply both countries with renewable power, only build a UK connection or connect solely to Germany, although the latter is only a remote possibility, according to Chief Executive Simon Morrish.

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