Morocco’s urban transit system is about to get a facelift

Morocco’s urban transit system is about to get a facelift
Photo Source: ALSA website

 Morocco is planning to revamp its urban public transport system, Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftitannounced at a parliamentary session in Rabat this week, according to Morocco World News.

The plan aims to add 3,500 new buses to 32 cities over the next five years to meet growing demand for urban transportation.  

The roughly $1.1 billion investment will cover the cost of buses, maintenance facilities, depots, ticketing systems and management support tools. 

Laftit stressed that while the initial investment will come from the Ministry of the Interior and local authorities, a delegated management model will be created to fund the daily operation of the buses and infrastructure. Local authorities will reportedly oversee the new management model, prioritizing locally-manufactured buses.

Morocco is one of the most urbanized countries in North Africa. According to Statista, more than 64% of Moroccans lived in urban areas and cities in 2022.

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