World’s Largest Archaeological Museum in Egypt Begins Soft Opening

World’s Largest Archaeological Museum in Egypt Begins Soft Opening
Photo Courtesy of the Grand Egyptian Museum

Egypt is currently offering partial tours of the Grand Egyptian Museum, a billion-dollar structure that will reportedly be home to 100,000 artifacts including 5000 items from King Tut’s tomb displayed for the first time ever. 

Construction on the Japanese-funded museum started in 2005 but it was hit by numerous setbacks: the financial crisis in 2008, the Arab Spring in 2011 and the COVID pandemic. Egypt’s tourism minister insists a full opening is imminent. 

In the meantime, visitors are welcome to explore the lobby of the museum featuring a 3200-year-old statue of Ramses II that is 11-metres high. They can also ascend the Grand Staircase with views of numerous statues, tablets and other artifacts from Ancient Egypt. 

The Egyptian tourist authority is reportedly implementing extensive plans to enhance accessibility to the new museum, which is located between the pyramids of Giza and Cairo. It includes the inauguration of a new airport nearby and an 18-lane highway linking the museum to Cairo.  

Amid concerns regarding the effects of the conflict in Gaza on Egypt’s tourism sector and an economy grappling with inflation, the unveiling of the world’s largest archaeological museum might be seen as a blessing from the ancients. 

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