Worst drought on record forces Tunisia to cut off drinking water

Worst drought on record forces Tunisia to cut off drinking water

Grappling with the worst drought on record, Tunisia is cutting off water supplies to citizens for seven hours a night.

This move comes as the North African country confronts a water crisis exacerbated by five years of scarce rainfall. 

The Mediterranean region has experienced blistering heat in recent summers and a lack of rainfall in winter. 

Despite recent improvements in precipitation, the water levels in Tunisian dams remain critically low, with current reserves at a mere 35% of total capacity. 

Tunisia's reliance on surface water capture makes it particularly susceptible to fluctuating rainfall patterns, a challenge intensified by the broader impacts of climate change on the Mediterranean region. 

The area has been hit hard by a cycle of extreme summers and insufficient winter rains, contributing to prolonged drought conditions. 

With the Middle East and North Africa facing some of the highest levels of water stress globally, Tunisia is exploring desalination and wastewater treatment as potential remedies. 

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