Libya Launches Investigation Into Oil Scheme Reportedly Fueling War in Sudan

Libya Launches Investigation Into Oil Scheme Reportedly Fueling War in Sudan
Sabratha Platform- Bahr Es Salam Field / Source: Libya’s National Oil Corporation

Libyan authorities will reportedly launch an investigation this week into mismanagement at the National Oil Corporation that has allegedly led to widespread smuggling fueling Sudan's civil war. 

Officials told the Guardian smuggling assists Sudan's Rapid Support Forces, a paramilitary force accused of crimes against humanity. It also likely aids the Russia-backed Africa Corps.

Despite being an oil-rich country, Libya imports most of its fuel. A scarcity of Libyan refineries makes it difficult to keep up with domestic demand. Libya heavily subsidizes its imported fuel – much of it coming from Russia. 

Officials told the Guardian roughly 40 percent of the imported fuels are smuggled and then re-exported to other countries, mainly in Europe, at a substantial markup. The middlemen are allegedly the mercenaries working for Africa Corps formerly known as the Wagner Group.  

“The Wagner Group is shepherding this fuel across the border into Sudan. If we close the border between Libya and Sudan for fuel, the war in Sudan will end,” a Libyan official told the Guardian.


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