Tebboune-Macron G7 meeting ahead of Algerian elections

Tebboune-Macron G7 meeting ahead of Algerian elections

Algerian President Tebboune and French President Macron met on the sidelines of the G7 meeting hosted by Italy. There appeared to be two different interpretations of events – one which suggested that the Algerian official media neglected to show a moment when Tebboune appeared to “reprimand” his Foreign Minister, Ahmed Attaf, while greeting Macron.

Meanwhile official videos released by the Algerian presidency showed a cordial meeting between the two leaders. However, according to reports, Algerian opposition criticized the perceived haste in Tebboune’s meeting with Macron, arguing that protocol should have dictated a prior meeting with the Italian president, as Italy hosted the G7 summit. 

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